Keeping a house warm in winter and cool in summer is important in planning any construction project. With an underfloor heating and cooling system you can achieve both. Let me tell you why.

Underfloor heating and cooling systems uses significantly less energy to run compared with conventional radiator systems; up to 70% less. For example a traditional radiator system will need 75 degrees water temperature to heat the radiators. Underfloor heating will need 38 degrees water temperature to heat all the floor and rooms. This has been reduced again with a new design that we started installing in 2019. The new underfloor heating system can now reach the same ambient temperature as radiators and the traditional underfloor heating at a water temperature of 28 degrees.

They have plenty of other benefits, too.

On a cold winter’s day underfloor heating keeps a room cosy and warm – you can even walk barefoot! There are also no cold spots ensuring that the temperature is consistent throughout the home, the system is also totally silent as well.

The system also works well in the summer, as the floor structure absorbs the heat and gives a cold feeling on to the floor this cools down the room temperature. The water temperature will be around 18 degrees, because the ambient outside thermostat and the inside ambient thermostats are connected it can adjust the water temperature to stop any condensation on the floors.

Improvements in technology are making underfloor heating and cooling systems even more attractive. For example, we are now able to install underfloor systems directly onto an original floor, rather than remove it. This is less messy and cost-effective.

The underfloor heating and cooling system is comprised of 18mm insulation board; the flooring includes space for the pipes to pump hot and cool water, that sit directly onto the floor insulation boards. The system can be used with parquet flooring or tiles on top. This system will only increase your floor height by 18mm plus the thickness of your tile or parquet.

There are several different options available and we can work either with existing floor insulation – or not.

These new systems are highly energy efficient. That makes sense for the environment – and your pocket. A typical radiator needs to reach 75°C to provide an ambient temperature of 20-25°C. These new systems require a temp of just 28°C…

What’s more, the new heat pumps fitted with underfloor heating are half the size, heat up (or cool down) immediately and need only a small heat pump to heat a large house. The systems work great on cooling a room too as I mentioned. For example we have just installed this new system in to a 340 square meter villa using a 16KW heat pump. This heats and cools the complete villa within one hour of turning the system on.

Each room can also be a different temperature controlled by a room thermostat or by a smart phone or home smart system.

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