Finding a solution which saves a client money is always particularly satisfying.

Let me explain with a recent example of a pool project in Biot, near Antibes.

My clients’ swimming pool had been leaking for 3 years and the French swimming pool company responsible for maintaining it had charged them thousands of Euros to fix – but failed to find the leak.

Because of the leak, the main supporting wall and pool itself started to move and crack.

At that stage, the clients were faced with the option of removing the swimming pool and main wall – or finding the leak and solving the issue. Replacing all of the terrace, the swimming pool and rebuilding the pool would have been expensive: around 160,000 €.

I used a company to investigating thoroughly, he found two leaks in the pipework buried in the ground. The ground had moved and fractured the pipe on the joints. I replaced the pipework and tested all pipes again. When I was 100% sure all leaks had been fixed and all damage pipe work had been removed we could then start the works to save the swimming pool.

I tried three different structural engineers before I found one that was willing to spend the time to design a structural plan to save the swimming pool and terrace area. The first engineer wanted to remove everything and start again. The second wanted to remove the complete terrace area.

The next stage of works was to dig 5 cubic meter holes and make large foundation pads ready to  construct five supporting walls to hold up the swimming pool and the existing supporting wall.

 My client also wanted the terrace area around the swimming pool to be extended to make the swimming pool centre and have equal space around the swimming pool.  We also creating new storage areas under the terrace where all garden tools and garden furniture can be stored in the winter months.

All this work was completed in 3 months – and saved my clients a considerable amount of money! Understandably, they are very happy with the final result: the photos below give you a flavour of the project.

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