One of the most frequent questions I am asked by clients is what kind of heating and cooling system is best for their home.

It’s a fair question. We enjoy plenty of hot weather during the summer months, however it can get very cold too in the winter. So, it makes sense to really think through the options.

An underfloor heating and cooling system is an excellent solution. Let me explain how it works as well as some of the many benefits.

What is an underfloor heating and cooling system?

The system carries warm water around your house to radiate heat into your rooms at a temperature of 28°C – considerably less than traditional radiators, giving an instant energy saving. This keeps all of your rooms warm during the winter… with the benefit of no cold spots, no noise…. Just a nice, comfortable temperature that you can walk on without any footwear.

This type of heating and cooling is highly energy efficient, meaning cheaper electricity or gas bills.

How easy is it to install?

Well, it is easier to install than you might think. Since last year we have been installing underfloor systems directly onto an original floor, rather than remove it. This is a quicker process – and less disruptive to the client. The underfloor heating and cooling system comprises 18mm insulation board; the flooring includes space for the pipes to pump hot and cool water which sit directly onto the floor insulation boards. The system can be used with parquet flooring or tiles on top. This system will only increase your floor height by 18mm plus the thickness of your tile or parquet. 

Please contact me if you wish to find out more about underfloor heating and cooling systems.

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