The living room is the place we love to relax, entertain friends and family and generally unwind. A room that we like to spend time doing things we enjoy and with the people we love.

We recently completed a project in the Valbonne on the Cote d’Azur. Originally the property consisted of a living room with several adjacent rooms (kitchen and dining room) divided by a structural wall. However, the objective was to create a space which provided luxury open plan living.

So, we removed the structural wall up to ceiling height and put in its place two structural steel beams, opening up the space as part of the renovation and redesign. We hid the structural pillars and used oak cladding around the structural steel beam to give the appearance of solid oak.

The result is a spacious, beautiful and practical area with an elegant living room that is the heart of the home.  The living room is now light and bright during the day; warm and cosy in the evenings. One of the walls houses a double fronted gas fire to heat the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen, dining room, laundry area and the new snooker room have their own distinctive spaces but are easily accessible from the living room. The snooker room has its own bar and has leather panels floor to ceiling.

Enjoying their leisure time chilling out watching TV and listening to music is important to the family, therefore we have built speakers hidden into the walls and ceilings, and the sound system is controlled using an app on a mobile phone.

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