No matter the size of your budget is it is always tempting to save money where you can.  We understand this. But – if the money you spend results in a poor quality job, has long-term defects – or it is simply difficult (or impossible) to get the building company who delivered the project to fix a problem – this can be a major headache for a property owner.

In the 14 years that we have been working on the French Riviera, we have sadly come across several examples when clients have used trades that do not live locally, offer cut-price rates to do a specific job – and leave other people (i.e. you!) to pick up the pieces. It is stressful, costly – and completely unnecessary with the right planning.

It makes sense therefore to work with a locally based, experienced artisan who is fully insured for the service they offer and come with a wide range of references.

First let’s state the obvious: Renovating an older property takes time, patience – and money.

However, we believe in building a team of skilled and qualified artisans to ensure that our renovation projects are delivered on time, to a high-quality standard – and within the agreed budget. Here are 5 questions you need to consider first before agreeing to work with a contractor:-

  1. Are they able to supply references – from people who live locally and are contactable to assess the quality of their work?
  2. How long have they been working in France and the French Riviera?
  3. Are they registered to work in France?
  4. Do they hold decennial insurance (insurance which means they are liable to correct any problems within a 10 year period)?
  5. What knowledge or experience do they have of working on properties within the region; e.g. are they able to demonstrate an understanding of the environment, heritage and style?

We are able to demonstrate all of the above criteria and more.

GM Renovations is the leading certified and trusted English-speaking renovation company based on the French Riviera. We have been renovating properties and installing advanced HVAC systems for 20 years and have been based in Antibes since 2006.

Glen Malton has created a team of highly skilled tradesmen to complete full renovation works. We specialize in all types of work including building, renovating and creating luxurious bathrooms, electrical work, we are the complete renovation company with a very high standard of work. We cover all works in and outside your villa or apartments.


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